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Mission Statement
Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism seeks to enrich the lives of all Louisa County citizens by providing comprehensive recreational programs and facilities that satisfy leisure time needs and improve the quality of life in Louisa County. Furthermore, LCPRT strives to make Louisa County a tourism destination by emphasizing its rich history, beautiful countryside and lakes, community resources, and friendly people.

Program Policies
* Louisa County residents will be given priority for any program or activity.
* Participants are allowed only in the rooms designated by Parks, Recreation & Tourism.
* Use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages on school property is prohibited at all times.
* Louisa Parks, Recreation & Tourism does not discriminate against individuals with disabilities in its classes or programs. In compliance with the American With Disabilities Act, efforts will be made for accommodations if at least 10 business days' notice is given.
* Louisa Parks, Recreation & Tourism reserves the right to refuse service and/or participation at events sponsored by the department for reasons of safety and/or conduct.

Photographs & Media Release
Frequently, LCPRT takes photographs of people enjoying programs, special events, or parks and facilities. These photographs may be used at the Parks and Recreation's discretion and become its sole property. We will attempt to get prior approval before publishing any photographs, however, participation in a program or activity implies approval to be photographed.

Cancellation Hotline
Louisa Parks, Recreation & Tourism has a cancellation HOTLINE set up to make it easier for you to find out if your program is canceled or postponed due to weather related or emergency situations. The cancellation HOTLINE number is (540) 967-4449. It will be updated by 5:00 p.m. each day that cancellations apply. When Louisa County Government Offices are closed due to inclement weather, ALL Parks, Recreation & Tourism activities are automatically canceled. If Louisa County Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, all LCPRT programs held on school property (incluing KidzQuest Child Care) are automatically canceled. Otherwise, all other weather-related cancellations are up to the individual instructor. Contact the office or the instructor about the make-up schedule when cancellations or postponements occur.

OOPS! We cancelled your class because we did not know you were interested! We have wonderful classes with excellent instructors that sometimes have to be canceled because people wait until the last minute to register. All of our programs have minimum enrollment requirements which must be met a minimum of three days prior to the start of class. So, please don't wait. REGISTER EARLY!

School Facility Visitor
Please remember that we are guests inside the facilities that the Louisa County Public School System allows us to use. Always follow these simple guidelines:
* Exhibit good sportsmanship.
* Place trash in receptacles.
* Stay off of the equipment.
* No food or drink allowed in the gym.
* DO NOT wander the facility.
* Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before scheduled game/program time.
* Depart immediately after game/program has concluded.

With Our Thanks
A Special Thank You! Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism extends a special THANK YOU to the Louisa County Public School's Principals and Administrative Staff for graciously allowing us to utilize their facilities to offer programs and activities to the citizens of Louisa County.

Refunds under $100 are processed and mailed to the participants via the Parks and Recreation Petty Cash Fund. Refunds are automatic when programs are canceled or instructor schedule changes prohibit attendance. In the event a participant must terminated from a program, a full refund credit will be granted ONLY if we are notified prior to the first program meeting. A 50% credit will be granted with prior notification up to the second program meeting. Thereafter, refund credits will not be given. Refunds and/or credits do not apply to adult team sports programs and are only issued if insufficient registration prevents formation of the adult team sports league.

Deliquent Accounts and NSF Checks
Deliquent accounts must be settled before continued or future participation in any activity will be permitted. Also, Louisa County government charges $35 for any checks returned to us by the banks. Deliquent accounts and NSF checks not settled within 10 days of notification will be entered in the DEBT SET OFF PROGRAM with the state of Virginia to be collected from any state refunds that may be due you.