Lake Anna



Virginia Electric and Power Company (now Dominion) purchased approximately 18,000 acres in 1968 to construct the North Anna Nuclear Power Station and its associated cooling system.  The land, which falls within three counties along the Pamunkey and North Anna Rivers, was cleared by 1972.  Hurricane Agnes helped fill the lake ahead of schedule and Lake Anna was formed.  


Lake Anna is approximately 17 miles long and includes roughly 200 miles of shoreline.  Over 100 communities populate the lake's shores. The public area or "cold side" is about 9,000 acres, and the private area ("warm side"), includes about 4,000 acres connected by three canals.  The two sides are divided by three dikes constructed of stone.  The power station powers 450,000 homes and provides 17% of Virginia's electricity, and the lake has become a destination for fishing, water sports, and many other activities.  


The public access side boasts a number of public access facilities including marinas, parks, and public fishing areas.  The lake has become a premier location for watersports such as skiing, kayaking, boating, and many others.  Attractions near the lake include restaurants, lodging, vineyards, golf, shopping, hiking, and others.  The lake's economy continues to grow, and the Lake Anna Business Partnership is an excellent source of information on area businesses and activities.  

"No-Wake" Buoy Requests

Because Lake Anna is enjoyed by so many, it is vital that safety on the water remains a priority.  Although the County of Louisa does not make the final recommendation on buoy requests, the County Administration Office does process applications made for hazardous buoy installations on the cold side of the lake.  If you would like to request the placement of a hazardous buoy or buoys, please complete the Lake Anna Cold Side "No Wake" Buoy Application and submit all necessary documentation to the Louisa County Administration Office. Please review the application packet for the complete application process and important details.  Please note that the application process typically takes about 1.5-2 months.  Information regarding the application process for buoy requests on the warm side of Lake Anna will follow.  

Completed applications can be dropped off at the Administration Office or mailed to:

Louisa County Administration Office
PO Box 160
Louisa, VA 23093

When submitting an application, a non-refundable processing fee is required.  Please include cash or a check in the amount of $50.00 to be made out to Louisa County.